Friday, 18 April 2014

Sip Protocol: How these Bollywood stars beat the heat

Most B-Town stars prefer natural beverages to beat the heat. Even as mercury continues to soar, we tell you how stars beat the heat with their favourite summer coolers...

B-Town stars prefer juices and organic drinks to quench their parched throats when the mercury soars. They prefer these drinks as they offer taste and good health. While on the sets, they ensure that their iceboxes are well-stocked; the idea is to keep themselves well hydrated during the long hours they spend on the sets - especially on outdoor shoots. Nutritious beverages such as aam panna, buttermilk, kokum sherbet, coconut water, lime water and khus sherbet are considered best bets.

Katrina Kaif is said to reach out for a glass of plain water whenever she finds herself thirsty. So does Kangna Ranaut, who always carries bottles of water with her and sometimes, coconut water as well.
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