Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kangna meets her dacoit fans

Actress Kangna Ranaut and the crew of her upcoming film 'Revolver Rani' was in for a shock during a shoot in Chambal

When director Sai Kabir and his team landed in Chambal to shoot for their upcoming film, 'Revolver Rani', they were in for a real shocker. The unit, sources say, ran into some dacoits who then blocked their entry into the village.

A 'Revolver Rani' crewmember says, `Not many people were aware about the fact that we were shooting a major portion of the film in Chambal. We had planned to not spread a word about the shoot, as we wanted to avoid attracting unnecessary attention, especially since this was a dacoit-riddled area.

But as it happens, we ran into some dacoits on the first day itself. A total of eight cars pulled up before us. Covering their faces and carrying guns, these dacoits kept us asking one question after another. They wanted to know why we had come down and what we were up to.`Incidentally, the cast was travelling with police, but it seems that the latter was of hardly any help to the unit. Says Sai Kabir, `Yes, we faced some issues while shooting for our film in Chambal. Our cars were stopped at the toll plaza and we had to satiate their curiosity.

After answering a series of questions, they finally let us go. Our security couldn't do much because these people were carrying machine guns. In fact, upon realising that we were shooting with Kangna, they expressed a desire to pose with her. We had to politely turn them down before we made a move.`

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