Monday, 15 April 2013

Veena Malik Drinking and Smoking in Public

Oh my gosh Veena Malik Bollywood actors  she is drinking alcohol and pure vine. Veena said that she is always receives forks along with beautiful roses. She has already broken the heart of "Ashmit Patel" after Pakistani Cricketer M, Asif.  May be she is smoking and drinking to forget her past memories and lovers.
So at the same time, she is shooting for a movie and she has to smoke and drinking alcohol  Smoking is injurious to health also alcohol are too bad for health. The bad habit can also take her face beauty away in such a young age like other actress  Therefore, beware Miss Veena Malik it can affect your health a lot badly  Though, smoking and drinking is a bit OK but which type of image she has in India Bollywood Industry , she may have to do so many stuffs in Bollywood movies.
The interesting thing was that she is smoked in public not in her home alone or other private place. It can be a part of publicity which she wants very badly to get more dirty movies and their promotion in Bollywood industry. The publicity trend becomes very common thing to  among Bollywood actor and actress to permute . They are ready to do anything for publicity it. So Veena Malik more famous in Bollywood India like Lollywood Pakistan.

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  1. oh god!be broad minded.its only a part of the film