Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A PIA Air Hostess Got Arrested As Found To Have Heroin

Manchester UK:  PIA air hostess are arrested at Manchester UK "Airport" when she was Scanned and found to have drugs in her Computer, laptop. Air hostess of PIA flight from Lahore Pakistan to Manchester UK was arrested by British Airport authorities when it was revealed that she carried "heroin" in her laptop. It was found that she was carried heroin of thousand UK-ponds (Computer)laptop. So now she,s arrested in UK Police and inquires for heroin founded.


  1. sari umar kam kar k khati rahi hain lakin ab pia doobny sa pehly khuch to karna he tha akhir kar ab sare air hostess budhi b to ho gai hain kia kareen ??????

  2. Aye... Puss Puss Bakwas nahi kerney ka..
    yeh tumhari behnein hain..

    1. chori aur pher sena zori

  3. 50 years jail without dress live with british mens in jail ki saza hy.