Thursday, 28 February 2013

Veena Malik Wants Kiss To Salman Khan

After 100 kisses on her birthday now Veena Malik wants to kiss Salman Khan.
according to Veena Malik, we need publicity for my new film "The City That Naver Sleep".

so Veena Malik wants to break the record of Salman Khan, they also received 108 kisses, in 2011 in reality show "Guinness World Record" 

Veena Malik saya, we hav`e to break 20 records for the film and this is one of these record, Veena Malik broke the Kisses records on her birthday Feb 26 2013.

Now Veena Malik wants to kisses to the "Dabangg Star" Salman Khan on the Tv Screen.

also Veena Malik added, i think that would beautiful if we have a kiss on the screen.

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