Veena Malik Kissed More Then 100 Times

By The Internet Media Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bollywood Actress Veena Malik, kiss contestants in a reality show on her Birthday, and she kissed more then hundred times in one minute and break the record of the Book OF World Records. 
Veena Malik said i am excited about this, and i cant wait to break this kisses records. she also added the is huge gift to me in my Birthday and also my film The City That Never Sleeps.  
Veena Malik had set the screen giving kisses, so but now the time Veena Malik ready to Bollywood heroes to kiss her. 

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3 comments to ''Veena Malik Kissed More Then 100 Times"

  1. veena malik the phudditaa khora ka lula

  2. veena malik the phuddi taa khora ka lula