Saturday, 2 February 2013

Veena Malik Threatened By The Thrike-Taliban pakistan

INDIA: Pakistani Actress Veena Malik on Thursday claimed she had been threatened by the Thrike-Taliban pakistan.

Actress Veena Malik, who is currently in India appearing on television shows and Bollywood Film,s for that she had received a letter from the Thrike-Taliban pakistan, four days ago via a E-mail, On the authentication of the letter,  Veena Malik said she had spoken to representatives of the media house, who confirmed its legitimacy, or threats to this convercation about "Taliban"

Veena Malik says the E-Mail has been sent from a Ahmed Masood Leader of the Taliban. The contents of the E-Mail threaten to give Veena Malik  she claims, Malik said that the letter also threatens her family Meambers, and that if anything happened to them she would hold the government of India responsible.

Veena Malik had recently Working our new up comming film, in Bollywood Indian.


  1. veena malik the phuddi ta lun

    1. yar us ki apni phudi hai pakistan mei bhi marwati thi ab hindu se marwa rahi hai. ghasthi gahsthi hoti hai chay pakistan merin rahay ya india mein