Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mouth Shut! When Bollywooders shocked everyone by their weirdness

Bipasha Basu
Self-praise is a good way to keep oneself motivated. But, this Bong beauty, who has been struggling to make a comeback, took it a little too far by giving herself a grand title.
With reference to her upcoming supernatural film 'Alone', Bipasha Basu went on a self-praise mode. Talking about her 14-year-old career, she said she rightfully deserved the title of 'Horror Queen of Hindi Film Industry'

Quote unquote: "I have been acting in films since the past 14 years and I have a large filmography. Yes, I have done a huge number of horror films and people call me the 'Horror Queen Of Hindi Film Industry' rightfully."

Sonam Kapoor

She is famously known as Bollywood's fashion icon and infamously as Bollywood's motor mouth. On many occasions, Sonam tried injecting humour into her comments or be too concerned but it often backfired. The statement below takes the cake.

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