Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sushmita Sen's style mantras

Comfort is what matters the most for Sushmita Sen who can be described as a practical dresser. She loves signature pieces and pampering herself at a spa. Here are her style mantras:

Style mantra 
According to me, a person is truly stylish when he knows the trend yet manages to break them with flair. I like to dress in a simple manner. I would advise all women to dress in a simple and elegant way. A bit of drama works well as long as it's subtle. No matter how lovely an outfit looks, you will look bad if it fits you badly. So, get the right fit.

Comfort clothing
On my days off, I like to dress mostly in ganjis, skinny jeans or pajamas. A short cotton dress is another favourite. Comfort is my number one priority.

Dressing up
Comfort and fit are two must-haves for me. I won't wear the trendiest outfit in town if I feel uncomfortable in it. I believe that what you wear must complement your body type. The weather plays an important role in deciding my choice of outfit as well. I wear clothes that suit the temperature at the venue.

Best of the best
I feel that our Bollywood celebs have their individual style statements and like to dress as per their moods. Arjun Rampal comes across as stylishly dressed while Deepika Padukone dresses well even without help from a stylist. I like Sonam Kapoor for her love for fashion and the ability to take sartorial risks.

Hollywood hotties
There are so many well-dressed celebs abroad that the list is endless. However, the ones I feel are most comfortable in their own skin are Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. Their sense of style, body sculpture, clothes and poise makes them look plain beautiful.

Beauty regime 
I drink lots of water and keep my skin moisturised and clean all the time. I practice Ariel Silk, a form of acrobatic exercise that keeps my blood circulation high. It helps blood rush to my face and keeps it glowing. I don't oil my hair frequently but I do keep my scalp clean. I am not fussy about it. However, since I like to keep my hair open most of the time, I pamper my tresses with a spa session once in a while.
Shining bright 
I wear minimal jewellery but I want my pieces to make a statement. An item or accessory like a cocktail ring or a neckpiece looks great with a simple dress.

Fashion nightmare
It would be wearing and doing exactly the same kind of things that others are doing at that particular event or place. Lack of individuality scares me.

Bag essentials
Lip balm, floss, lip-gloss, sunglasses, house keys, chewing gum, medicines for my headache and my wallet. I travel with my whole world.

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