Thursday, 17 April 2014

Ten Years Later, Julie Sequel With Newbie Stunner Sakshi Chaudhary

Back in 2004 Neha Dhupia created quite a furore playing the prostitute with several male admirers painting the town red and 'panting' her gown purple in Deepak Shivdasani's Julie.

Now Shivdasani is back with a sequel starring Sakshi Chaudhary.

This Gladrags model and wannabe actress is already making her presence felt in Bollywood. A few months ago she signed a 3-film deal with producer Feroz Nadiadwala including the lead in Hera Pheri 3 opposite John Abraham.

Julie 2 we hear would be the story of not a prostitute but an actress.

Says a source close to the newcomer, `Considering how controversial and steamy Neha Dhupia's role was in Julie Sakshi was apprehensive about the role. But then she heard her character in Julie 2...and flipped.`

It's a role apparently inspired by Rekha.

Sakshi Chaudhary says, `I admit I was apprehensive. But when I heard the script I agreed at once .It is a very performance-oriented film. Certainly not the kind of character a newcomer gets to play.`
When quizzed about the skin show Sakshi says, `It is a glamorous role. But nothing vulgar about it.`

However a source lets out that Sakshi would be required to do many bold scenes. 'She'd be riding a motorcycle in a bikini,` says the source.

(Hopefully she would have a helmet on).

When asked which of her films Julie 2 or Hera Pheri 3 would get released first Sakshi said, `I've signed Hera Pheri first and I've signed four other films which I can't talk about as per the contracts.Whichever film is completed first would be released first.`
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network

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