Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I wish I could marry Sheikh Rasheed, Diana Penty

INDIA: heroine in Bollywood "Diana Penty" movie cocktail has shown her interest in Pakistani politician Sheikh Rasheed, Leader of Awami Muslim League Pakistan.
during a live interview with an Indian news channel,s asked about her marriage plans she said, if I see any opportunity to marry Sheikh Rasheed. and Sheikh Rasheed  is my role model. 
and i wish I could marry Shiekh Rasheed. He still has many positives. He is a famous person and now has become MNA as well so his chances of being richer are very bright. 
Sheikh Rasheed specifically bought audio recording of the interview. He listened to audio in presence of his all voters like a telephonic speech heard by MQM workers. Previously Meera has tried a lot to convince me for marriage.
Sheikh Rasheed, He has lot of charm when he talks alone but is easily overshadowed even if Firdous Aashiq Awan sits next to him.

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