Pakistani girls got married with each other in United kingdom (UK)

By The Internet Media Friday, 31 May 2013
Pakistani girls made a shameful history, when two girls with "homosexual" tendencies married each other in United Kingdom. These girls took advantage of the newly set rules by the government in favor of lesbian and gays, as they gave them the right of official partnership and Marriage each-others. According to the full details of this story, one of them is 34 years old named "Rehana Kausar" and the other is 29 years old named "Sobia Komal". Their wedding held at the Leeds Council’s Marriage Registration Office in UK. Solicitors and some friend of Rehana and Sobia were there at the Marriage occasion. They both were wearing bridal dresses and said that they are friend from the last five years and now they decided to become official "Marriage" partners. Their arraignment Marriage is criticized by the Muslim community in United Kingdom.

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4 comments to ''Pakistani girls got married with each other in United kingdom (UK)"

  1. This is worst news I have ever heard about Muslims. They are not Muslims or have no knowledge of Islam. Well if they were Homosexual or Lesbian they could carry it secretly. Why have they attempted to hurt Islam. The best religion & which doesn't allow such negative activities. they are no more Muslims. It is strange that they are educated & might be knowing much about religion. The Devil has captured their minds & will punished for their notorious attempt against Islam.

  2. I'm a Muslim and I approve of it. They have the right to choose the way they want to live their lives. Go get the devil out of your mind.

  3. Asalam-u-Alaikum
    Islam Does not permits these kind of evil deeds, ALLAH has made pairs on earth. the people who are supporting this can they give any hadith or Quranic verse who is supporting this.

  4. but they only do this for asylum... and this is only the label of marriege in real they are not homosexual only for asylun they did so...