Tuesday, 5 February 2013

YouTube Will Be Unblocked Within A Week

The interior minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik: YouTube will be unblocked this week. The interior minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik once again said that "YouTube" will be open within one week in Pakistan, after the completion of filtration software, to remove Film on the YouTube.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik, talked about reopening YouTube to media Speech in Islamabad. During this Media interview he talked about certain other security threats or issues in Pakistan cities.

He said that he took the step of block invalid Mobile,s SIM cards as its, stop to control terrorism activities in country, so terrorists use such Mobile SIM Cards.

So talking about the blocked of Mobile Services in some Cities on certain events, he said that on such events terrorists find a chance to Lunch their goals by using invalid SIM cards. and they also said that, (mobile phone was used in recent Karachi blasts).

Many People are looking forward towards banning of YouTube as said by Rehman Malik,The interior minister of Pakistan.

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