Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sonam Kapoor, Don To Were a Bikini In Our Next Movies

Sonam Kapoor Bollywood Actress,  don to were a bikini dress in our next film with "Yesh Raj Film,s" Next. and she is agreed were the bikini dress. and sequence of "Yesh Raj Film,s" is same to be "Kareena Kapoor" film (Teshan).

Now Sonam Kapoor is 27 years old and she given a nod to slip into a 2 piece,
and its not a big problem for Sonam Kapoor because she is already has stunning figure, and good body look. 

so many Best Actress, had not like to were a two-piece but "Yash Raj Banner Board" is most papolur in the india. 

good hope for sonam kapoor to gets into the were a two-piece and the silver screen look fabulous. 

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