Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Internet Users Seeking More Invisibility Study

SINGAPORE: People efforts to protect personal data online and remain (invisible) online is leading to a (Data Black-hole)  that could adversely impact on the digital advertisers, latest technology research firm "Ovum" said.

New tools that allow them to the remain (Invisible)untraceable and impossible to target by Computer or Online, data means,  will impact advertisers who rely on that information to target their audiences.

Surveying people of consumers in 11 countries around the world, the research firm said 69% of respondents said they would select a (Do Not Track) feature if this was easily available.

Big data analytic s and other digital industries, The "London" based firm said in a statement.

Ovum: said Internet users were increasingly getting more access to new tools to Monitor, Control, and secure their personal data as never before.

The recent scandal by mobile messaging service Whats, "App" and lingering concerns over data use policies on Social Site, Facebook and and Search Engine, Google are prompting Internet users to be more guarded, Ovum added.

So users did not have a choice to use Whats, "App's" messaging app without granting access to their entire address book, in violation of Canadian and Dutch privacy international laws on the internet users.

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